Vocalion CDs

A selection of recently issued Vocalion CD's featuring original 78rpm recordings of British dance bands/popular vocals/entertainers of the 1900-1950 era

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Vocalion digitalised re-issues of British Dance Bands, from Dutton Labs. See their website at

Dutton Labs

or enquire by telephone
+44 1923 803 001
mostly under £6 each

some recommended CDs listed below:


Carroll Gibbons
titles include:
Broadway Rhythm / I Won't Dance / How Am I Gonna Keep the News from Mother? / East of the Sun (And West of the Moon)

Jack Jackson Orchestra
includes titles:
Jack O'Diamonds / My Very Good Friend the Milkman / Just as Long as the World Goes 'Round and Around / Limehouse Blues

Ray Noble & Al Bowlly HMV Sessions Vol 1
includes titles:
Goodnight Sweetheart
Time On My Hands
Lady Of Spain

Ray Noble & Al Bowlly HMV Sessions Vol 2
includes titles:
Lazy Day
Hang Out The Stars In Indiana
This Is The Day Of Days

Ray Noble & Al Bowlly HMV Sessions Vol 3
includes titles:
By The Fireside
Living In Clover
Sailin' On The Robert E Lee

Ray Noble & Al Bowlly HMV Sessions Vol 4
includes titles:
Looking On The Bright Side Of Life
Love Is The Sweetest Thing
What More Can I Ask?

Ray Noble & Al Bowlly HMV Sessions Vol 5
includes titles:
The Moment I Saw You
Waltzing In A Dream
I Shall Keep Smiling Along

Ray Noble & Al Bowlly HMV Sessions Vol 6
includes titles:
Something Came And Got Me In The Spring
Pettin' In The Park
How Could We Be Wrong?

Ray Noble & Al Bowlly HMV Sessions Vol 7
includes titles:
My Hat's On The Side Of My Head
Close Your Eyes
Midnight, The Stars and You

Ray Noble & Al Bowlly HMV Sessions Vol 10
includes titles:
Double Trouble, Why Dream?, Why Stars Come Out At Night, Bonjour Mamíselle, Paris In The Spring

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Alternatively, as these British CD's were issued during the last few years, they may still be available from some good record shops in Britain. Check with your local shop or the specialised shops listed in my 78rpm shops in UK page and my 78rpm shops in USA page


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