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Note: I lived in US for a time but I have limited knowledge of US labels and current values. If you are American then Tim Gracyk is your expert and you can gain valuable information at:

Tim's main page Tim's value tips Tim's selling tips

The less common labels

Values quoted below are typical prices paid at a British record fair stall where the stall-holder knows the demand for music and records. American readers could translate these values directly to $ values as a guide.

There were hundreds of record labels issued during the 78rpm era. Compared to the big record labels, the less common labels issued a lot of poor quality music on records, but there are also a lot of surprises in store for the collector.


For example:
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Cat. No.Band or

These records are only examples of what kind of values are put on some of the less common American record labels. There will be some records by the same artistes worth more or less, depends on the quality of the music and on how many copies of the records were sold.

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