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Note: I lived in US for a time but I have limited knowledge of US labels and current values. If you are American then Tim Gracyk is your expert and you can gain further valuable information at:

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The 'Okeh' Label

A fairly common record label in an American 78rpm collection, Okeh is a source of all types of music. Some great jazz and blues appeared on Okeh and the content is usually obvious from the details printed on the labels, but often unusual names and pseudonyms were used for bands so there are many surprises to be found. The values quoted below are typical prices paid at a British record fair stall where the stall-holder knows the demand for music and records, and they are for records in 'very good' VG to E- condition as excellent condition Okeh records are difficult to find. American readers could translate these values directly to $ values as a guide.

For example:

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Cat. No.Band or
4197Harry Raderman's
Jazz Orch
19202dance titles
4762Vincent Lopez and his
Hotel Pennsylvania Orch
19222dance titles
4886Handy's Memphis Blues Band192320classic jazz
8090Sarah Martin192340blues, accomp.
Clarence Williams
8163Butterbeans & Susie192450duet, accomp.
Joe Oliver,
Clarence Williams
8299Louis Armstrong
and his Hot Five
192650early Louis
8312Bertha 'Chippie' Hill192650blues with jazz accomp.
Louis Armstrong,
Richard M.Jones
8584Clarence Williams
Blue Five
192830with King Oliver
8613Chicago Footwarmers192830Johnny Dodds
8736Monarch Jazz Quartet1929$30black vocal group
8774Louis Armstrong
193015quite common
40236Arkansaw Travellers19248quite common
40244Goofus Five192415hot white band
40318Halfway House Orch192575rare
40562Arcadian Serenaders192530St Louis band
40642Okeh Syncopators192615hot dance
41173Bix Beiderbecke & His Gang192815classic jazz
41292Annette Hanshaw192910good accomp.
6553Benny Goodman Sextet19414small jazz group
6705Big Bill Broonzy194110blues

These records are only examples of what kind of values are put on some of Okeh's popular jazz, blues and dance records. There will be some records by the same artistes worth more or less, depends on the quality of the music and on how many copies of the records were sold.

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