78rpm equipment

A list of shops and specialists who deal in gramophones and other equipment for playing and enjoying 78rpm records

this page first published by John Wright, 23 May 1997
last update 21 March 2012vintage@r2ok.co.uk

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  1. Note: you can see a Gallery of Turntables, and learn how to get a bargain 78rpm turntable from Ebay Auctions

  2. CAMERA CENTRE, 53 High Street, Hailsham, Sussex
    Tel: 01323-840559, Fax: 01323-442295.
    Proprietor Robert Girling robert@camcentre.co.uk writes:
    Whilst it is a traditional camera shop I do have several machines available at all times ranging from cylinder to portable and cabinet. From time to time, for those who want to play their records on something a little more up to date I have more modern items like Dansette and Hacker record players, radiograms and turntables. I can also organise the repair of wind-up machines and of course supply needles and some accessories. I usually have several boxes of 78's available.

    Buyer, restorer, seller of vintage radio, audio, gramophones.
    Tel: 01803-856950
    E-mail collectradio@aol.com or collectgramophone@aol.com

  4. Chris McDonald has a shop in Hampshire UK selling gramophones, boxes of 78's and offers a repair service. Dolphin Quay Antiques Centre, Queen Street, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 7BU. Mobile 07773 910303. Check out the website at chichestergramophones or e-mail chrismacsax@talktalk.net

  5. Graham Slee writes: I can make phono preamplifiers to get the best out of the 78 format. Also cater for British microgroove and American Standard records.
    Visit Slee Projects
    E-mail: Graham Slee

  6. For styli, Musonic (UK) Ltd., Unit 13, The Wenta Business Centre, Colne Way, Watford, Hertfordshire WD24 7ND
    Tel: 01923 213344 Fax:01923 213355
    E-mail: Musonic or visit their website at Musonic UK Ltd

  7. Expert Stylus Company can supply stylus and cartridge for all types of 78's. Ask for history leaflet and stylus catalogue.
    Expert Stylus Company, PO Box 3, Ashtead, Surrey KT21 2QD, England
    Tel: 01372-276604
    Fax: 01372-276147

  8. Thorens Export Company Ltd manufacture 3-speed turntables that can play 78rpm records.
    European HQ: Thorens Export Co., IM JUNKHOLZ 44 CH-4303 KAISERAUGST-BASEL, SWITZERLAND
    Website is at Thorens.ch
    Tel:++41 (0)61 813 03 36, Fax:++41 (0)61 813 03 39
    E-mail Thorens-Switzerland

    In Britain there does not seem to be a main agent but most specialist hi-fi stores have contacts with Thorens.

    see below for US info.

  9. Ruth Lambert sells steel needles, to play 78's on gramophones. Prices, all tones available, are 200 - 2.50, 600 - 5.50. Add p/p.
    Also NEEDLE TIN CALENDAR 2003 is now ready. Many rare British, French, American, Australian, German Czech and Japanese needle tins. Top quality colour printing. A2 size. 15 or $25 + post/packing. Contact ruthlambert@needletins.co.uk or visit http://www.needletins.co.uk
    or write to 24, Churchway, Weston Favell, Northampton NN3 3BT.
    tel: 01604-405184

  10. John Sleep buys, sells, restores and repairs phonographs and gramophones, and also has several thousand 78 rpm records.
    He's at 'Stoke', West Pentire, Crantock, Cornwall, TR8 5SE
    Tel: 01637 830415 or e-mail mjpsleep@aol.com

    Andrew Emmerson supplied this extensive list of
    UK gramophone/accessories suppliers/repairers:
    Andrew wrote to 78-L: This is a list I have compiled. It may be helpful, equally some entries may inadvertently be out-of-date...
  11. ALL OUR YESTERDAYS, 3 Cattle Market, Sandwich, CT13 9EA (01304-614756). Gramophones, phonographs and electrical antiques.
  12. AVANTIQUE, 7 The Crofters, Sale, M33 2LE (0161-973 8857). Phonographs, radios, books and magazines.
  13. CHURCHILL's VINTAGE TECHNOLOGY (0118-966 6595, 0421-887559). Early radios, television, phonographs, gramophones, vintage hi-fi.
  14. Reg DYKES (0181-363 7494). Phonographs, gramophones, 78rpm records, bygones.
  15. EKCOS OF THE PAST (David Barrow), 32A Netherhall Road, Doncaster (01302-368882, evenings 01302-366094). Vintage wireless, radiograms, gramophones, classic audio, early technology.
  16. GRAMOPHONALIA, 397 High Road, Woodford Green, IG8 0XG This shop has closed down.
  17. GRAMOPHONE SHOP The shop has closed down at 31 John Street, Luton, Beds., but you can still find them on Saturdays 09.00-18.00 at the Gramophone Stall, under Westway Flyover, Portobello Road Market, London (near Ladbroke Grove Underground station). Phone 01234-340829 any time. Selling phonographs, gramophones, needles, springs, spares, repairs, HMV and 'Nipper' memorabilia, etc.
  18. Graham GREEN (0181-423 2658). Vintage radios, gramophones and record players.
  19. GREENING'S VINTAGE GRAMOPHONES, (N.C. Philips), Oxford Antiques Centre (The Old Marmalade Factory), 27 Park End Street, Oxford (opposite railway stations. Open Monday-Saturday). Home tel.01993-881740. Old gramophones bought, sold and repaired, also radios.
  20. HOLMFIRTH ANTIQUES, 28 Roaine Drive, Cinderhills, Holmfirth, HD7 1EX. Repairs, restorations and spare parts for old gramophones and phonographs. Send A4-size SAE for catalogue.
  21. Howard Hope, 21 Bridge Road, East Molesey, KT8 9EU (0181-941 2472 shop hours, 0181-398 7130 other times, fax 0181-398 7630). Buy and sell gramophones, musical boxes, organettes, optical toys, early sewing machines, primitive typewriters and other mechanical/musical devices. Open hours not regular so call first.
  22. J&M WHOLESALE (BEDFORD) Ltd, 16 Hardwick Road, Bedford, MK42 9LF (02314-340829). Gramophone springs and needles by mail order.
  23. Philip KNIGHTON, 17b North St. Wellington, Somerset. Tel: 01823-662647. Vintage radio sales, repairs and restoration. Radios and gramophones always wanted.
  24. PHONOGRAPHIC RESTORATIONS (Richard Taylor, 01952-814854). Repairs and spares.
  25. SAVOY HILL PUBLICATIONS, 50 Meddon Street, Bideford, EX39 2EQ (01237-424280, fax 01237-424280). Old gramophone cartridges and styli.
  26. TALKING POINT ANTIQUES, 66 West Street, Sowerby Bridge, HX6 3AP (01422-834126). Phonographs and gramophones, records, accessories, music books, repairs and restorations.

    Modern Equipment:
  27. The Front End - professional equipment for noise reduction and disc transfer/remastering, as used by the top engineers in the business. For further details write to:
    The Front End, P.O. Box 7, Kington, HR5 3YG England UK
    Tel/Fax: (+44)-1544-370211 (UK: 01544-370211).

  28. Phonograph Makers - Christer Hamp's website describes how to make a modern electric cylinder player, and has links to many other modern phonograph makers

  29. ELP Corporation manufacture and sell the Laser Turntable which reproduces vinyl records with laser beams.
    Website: www.elpj.com
    or contact Nobuyuki Saito, Marketing Manager, ELP Corporation
    3-10-1 Minami-urawa, Urawa, Saitama Japan 336-0017
    Tel:+81-48-883-8502 Fax:+81-48-883-8503


  1. MR. STYLUS are Specialist Supplier for replacement needles, Styli, cartridges or replacement belts for many turntables. Please take time to visit us at mrstylus.com

  2. Marie-Claude STEGER, 76 Avenue Michelet, 93400 Saint-Ouen, France (00 33 1-4012 5378, fax 00 33 1-4874 1404). Restoration of phonographs, gramophones, all spare parts.


  1. Crank Up The Memories deal in everything for the phonograph/gramophone collector.
    visit the website Crank Up The Memories
    e-mail:Bob Weber

  2. Thorens Export Company Ltd manufacture 3-speed turntables that can play 78rpm records.
    In US, distributors include:
    Thorens of America LLC, 82-60 Austin St., Kew Gardens, New York 11415
    Proprietor is Mr. Nathan Rahimi
    Tel: 001-917-331-1172 or 001 718 441-2696 or 001 718 847 4289
    Fax: 001-718-849-7698
    E-mail ThorensUSA

    Also check out Needledoctor

  3. KAB Electro-Acoustics "Serving the record collector and sound enthusiast with products that Preserve, Enhance and Restore"
    visit the website KABusa
    For the 78 enthusiast: modern equipment to play 78 rpm records, steel needles and cardboard sleeves
    KAB Electro - Acoustics, P.O. Box 2922, Plainfield, NJ 07062
    Tel: (908) 754-1479
    E-mail info@kabusa.com

  4. Antique Phonograph Supply Co
    visit website at APSCO
    restoration of Talking Machines, needles, cardboard sleeves and other accessories
    APSCO, P.O. Box 123, Route 23, Davenport Ctr, N.Y. 13751
    Tel:Voice: 607-278-6218, Fax: 607-278-5136

  5. GARAGE-A-RECORDS, supply styli, cartridges etc. for record collectors.
    10265 N TURKEY CREEK RD., SYRACUSE, IN 46567
    Tel: 219-856-4868, 10am - 6pm
    e-mail: garage-a-records
    website: garage website

  6. Blue Circle Audio Inc. are suppliers of audio equipment, including 78 players.
    located at RR#2, Innerkip, Ontario, Canada N0J 1M0
    Tel: (519) 469-3215, Fax: (519) 469-3782
    Gilbert Yeung, President
    e-mail: bluecircle.com
    website: Bluecircle

  7. West-Tech Services
    offer total restoration of record players, transcription players, record cutter recorders, wire recorders, rebuild and replace phono cartridges and styli, and idler wheels, repair crystal and dynamic microphones. Sell cartridges and needles. Ask for catalogue.
    contact by e-mail West-Tech Services or
    West-Tech Services, 570 Hazelgreen Road, Smithville, WV 26178, USA
    Tel/fax: (304) 349-2149

  8. Bags Unlimited can supply 78rpm sleeves. They are located at 7 Canal Street, Rochester New York 14608-1910
    Phone 1-800-767-BAGS
    They have a website Bags Unlimited

  9. Far West Record Supply sell sleeves for 78's. They set up in the record section at Pasadena City College's Flea Market the first Sunday every month.
    or contact: Marshall "Marsh" Weeks, P.O. Box 3027, San Dimas CA 91773 Tel:818-335-5544

  10. CABCO are suppliers of 78 10inch record sleeves:
    CABCO Box 8212, Columbus OH 43201, USA
    Email: JPROT01@aol.com
    Phone: 614-267-8468

    If you visit Disc Doctor this website offers a record cleaning product for 78rpm and vinyl records

  12. Kurt Nauck, America's premier 78 auctioneer, has a catalogue of audio equipment
    visit Nauck's webpage

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