British Brunswick Values

The 'Brunswick' Label

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Note: values quoted are typical prices paid at a record fair stall where the stall-holder knows the demand for music and records.

A frequently found record label in a 78rpm collection, Brunswick is a favourite record label with collectors of jazz and film stars of the 1920's and 1930's. The first British records were known as Brunswick-Cliftophone, consisting of American bands and artistes, and their catalogue numbers were the same as the US issues. Then in 1927 British recordings began to appear on Brunswick in a series beginning with 101, but the company folded in 1929. Then in 1930 the label appeared again starting the catalogue numbers at 1000, and then after 1499 a zero was placed in front and the series resumed from 01500 onwards for decades. Examples of values:

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Cat. No.Band or
3301Ben Selvin
19262.00American band,
two dance titles
3317Abe Lyman's
California Orch.
19263.00American band,
two dance titles, one jazzy
3406Fletcher Henderson's
19268.00American jazz
3775Ben Bernie and his
Hotel Roosevelt Orch
19285.00hot American dance titles
3927Frank Luther19281.00American singer
106Fred Elizalde
(piano solos)
19285.00rare Elizalde record
189Fred Elizalde
and his Music
192810.00rare Elizalde band,
with Al Bowlly vocals
1068Duke Ellington
and his Famous Orch
19303.00classic jazz,
fairly common
1313Cab Calloway
and his orch
19323.00classic jazz,
fairly common
01523Ambrose and his
19333.00good British dance band titles
01562Bing Crosby19331.00common Bing record
01803Red Nichols and
his Five Pennies
3.00great jazz,
01963Dorsey Brothers
19343.00not great titles
02210New Orleans
Rhythm Kings
4.00great jazz,
02492Bing Crosby and
Connie Boswell
19372.00very swingy titles,
but very common
03168Johnny Dodds
and his Orch
03473Jimmy Dorsey
and his orch
19422.00big band
03719Al Jolson19461.00from the film
Jolson Story

These records are only examples of what kind of values are put on some of Brunswick's records. There will be some records by the same artistes worth more or less, depends on the quality of the music and on how many copies of the records were sold.

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