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Note: values quoted are typical prices paid at a record fair stall where the stall-holder knows the demand for music and records.

The less common labels

There were many record labels issued during the 78rpm era. Compared to the big record labels, the less common labels issued a lot of poor quality music on records, but there are also a many surprises in store for the collector.
For example:

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Cat. No.Band or

G15154Harry Topping
Hart & Shaw
19242an example of American vocal items issued in UK.
Here Harry Topping is a pseudonym for Irving Kaufman
G15706Jeffries and his Rialto Orch19252British recordings
G15749Cleveland Society Orch19253pseudonym for American danceband

4461Ariel Dance Orch19294pseudonym used for:
Jazz Pilots, a Harry reser group playing hot dance
a Justin Ring group playing a waltz
4483Ariel Dance Orch19296this is jazz, Frankie Trumbauer's band
4484Ariel Dance Orch19292less interesting titles, one is a Joe Green band (US), the other is European

147Harry Bidgood's Broadcasters19271fairly dull British dance titles
167Victor Vorzanger's Famous Dance Band19272one title is quite lively
305Original Havana band19282nice titles from some of the former Savoy band
Jay Wilbur
Rhythm Rascals
19332.for dance titles on one disc
3008Ferrachini's Hawaiian Band19315actually a Len Fillis group, with Al Bowlly vocals
3036Marius B. Winter Orch19313lively dance titles
3260Blue Mountaineers19323good dance titles from a section from the Bert Ambrose Orch

1824Maryland Dance Orch19254good American danceband titles, Tuxedo Orch, Ben Selvin Orch.

3Ben Hammond Orch19352good dance titles from Jay Wilbur
7Rhythm Rascals19355jazz from jay Wilbur

142Bohemian band19284early recordings by Billy Cotton
203Syd manser
Wm Manns
?1dreadful recordings, unknown vocals

A.71Elsie Carlisle19292popular British female vocalist
A.119Jay Wilbur
Varsity Eight
19293Varsity Eight is the California Ramblers
A.156Deauville Dance Orch19298Jay Wilbur band featuring Sylvester Ahola, trumpet

B-5083Ben Russell's Dance Band19252Leslie Jeffries Band
M-101W.S. Greening and his band19272an 'unbreakable' record
D4036Donald's Yankee Club Orch
Tex Brewster's Orch
19284American recordings, the latter may feature the Dorsey Brothers

EN-0Durium Dance Band19326another 'unbreakable' record.
Lew Stone directed some titles.
Al Bowlly vocals are on EN-0,EN-8,EN-9,EN-11,EN-12,EN-13.
EN-10Durium Dance Band19324Arthur Lally directed some sides, these fine recordings feature Sam Browne vocals

25Hottentots19313fine sides from jay Wilbur
58Connecticut Collegians19311Wilbur again.
vocals from Les Allen, Sam Browne

Edison Bell
849Harry Hudson's
Melody Men
19285hot dance titles
1238G H Elliot19291polpular artiste
1458Harry Hudson's
Melody Men
19314features vocal duo, Al Bowlly and Les Allen

Edison Bell Winner
for earlier issues see Winner
4485Diplomat Novelty Orch19272on this disc the straight titles are by a British studio band
4696Diplomat Orch19274the US titles on this disc feature Red Nichols with Sam Lanin's band
4853Beth Challis19286an American vaudevile star, recorded in England, with good jazz accomp.
5189Al Vocale and his Crooners19306these Harry Hudson Band titles feature vocal duo Les Allen and Al Bowlly


C778Swanee Syncopators19254quite a hot number from a British studio band (Wag Abbey)
C789Nathan Glantz Orch19246hot American dance numbers, one is Glantz, the other is the California Ramblers!
H569Homochord Dance Orch19234lively dance numbers


DC2012West End Players19318well played titles by a group of top British musicians?
G2003Club Albany Orch
Tom Reynolds Orch
19304pseudonyms for American bands,Red Nichols, Will Osborne
G2045Fifth Avenue Dance Band19312pseudonym for British band, Jerry Hoey


1024Herman Darewski Band
Jay Whidden Band
19282pleasant British band titles
1045Billy Cotton's London Savannah band19285very good early Billy Cotton titles


E5631Vincent Lopez Orch19264good American dance numbers
E6099Comedy Dance Orch19281early Ronnie Munro band
R448Louis Armstrong Hot Five
Eddie Lang's Orch
5classic jazz issued in Britain
R849Miff Moles Molers
Harlem Footwarmers
5classic jazz, the Footwarmers are Duke Ellington Orch
R2660Teddy Wilson Orch19395with Billie Holiday
R2817Harry Parry Radio Rhythm Club Sextet19412popular British jazz group
F118Valaida with Billy Mason Orch19354super female jazz trumpeter
F161Nat Gonella and his Georgians19354British jazz
F394Maurice Winnick Orch19361pleasant dance numbers
F500Harry Roy Orch19362popular British band
F1214Joe Daniels Hot Shots19382British jazz

Pathe Actuelle

10882Cliff Edwards
(Ukelele Ike)
19253popular American artiste
11213Victor Sterling Band19261dull dance titles(Nat Star)


P316Meyer's Dance Orch19273pleasant American dance numbers, both Lou Gold
P414Sam Lanin's Orch19283pleasant American dance numbers


128Tony Young's Ramblers
Bohemian Band
19284George Fisher,
Billy Cotton
579White Star Syncopators19304American titles from Grey Gull label


G8095Regal Novelty Orch19232Califormia Ramblers,
Ted Lewis Orch
G8330Corona Dance Orch19252British titles, Stan Greening Band
G8628Corona Dance Orch19264.American titles, Broadway Bellhops
G8866Fred Douglas19271British comic singer
G9442Linn Milford and his Hawaiian Singers19295Len Fillis group with Al Bowlly vocals
MR221Billy Cotton and his Band193010sought after British jazz
MR222Billy Cotton and his Band19301.not so sought after

Regal Zonophone

MR771Blue Lyres19324these are the Ambrose orch without strings. Good recordings.
MR794The Velvet Voice19322pseudonym for Jack Plant
MR837Syd Lipton Orch19334a very good band, here featuring Nat Gonella
MR1140Billy Cotton and his Band19332nice recordings
MR1335Jimmie Rodgers~19304vintage country
MR1567Six Swingers19354British jazz studio outfit
MR2199George Formby19361popular British comedian
MR3156Gracie Fields
with the troops
19392WW2 record
MR3243Joe Loss and his Band19401British swing band


8008Chick Bullock19334fine jazz musicians accomp.
8017Lew Sylva and his Band19331pseudonym for Jay Wilbur band
8088Ed Lloyd and his Band19332pseudonym for Gene Kardos band (US), good recordings
8627Cab Calloway Orch(1931)4American jazz entertainer
9906Billy Cotton and his Band19412WW2 songs

see also Edison Bell Winner
3592Southern Rag-A-Jazz Orch19215early jazz
4174Pavilion Players19242American dance titles
4266Edison Bell Dance Orch19252British dance titles


2298Jack Hylton's Jazz Band19222early Hylton
2818Cabaret Novelty Orch19266Bert Firman outfit
5047Devonshire Restaurant Dance Band19276very good Firman recordings, Maurice Elwin vocal
5170Harry Reser's Banjo Band19285American dance band
5199Rhythmic Eight19288hot Firman numbers, Ahola trumpet
5375Maurice Elwin19294pleasant vocal numbers, with Ahola in accomp.
5459Arcadians Dance Orch19296another Firman outfit, with Ahola again
6159Jimmie Rodgers19314country blues

These records are only examples of what kind of values are put on some of the less common record labels. There will be some records by the same artistes worth more or less, depends on the quality of the music and on how many copies of the records were sold.
Many other record labels could be found in Britain in the 1920's and 1930's. I have some information on most of them, if you want to know anything E-mail me.

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