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PPCD78134Age Of Syle (double CD)

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Another special feature CD: Past Perfect PPCD78134

Age Of Style - 50 classic tracks from the 1930's
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This CD has picked out 50 of the best songs that were popular in the 1930's, and many of them are still popular today. In many cases these songs are performed by artistes not normally associated with them, and this makes the CD quite exciting. I have found myself playing it over and over again just to take in the varied performances and marvel and how many suprememly professional artistes there were in the 1930's. The excellent sound quality, brilliantly restored by Past Perfect, makes this double CD a pure delight to play.
The ladies are well represented on this CD, and I was particularly thrilled with Jessie Matthews singing Dancing On The Ceiling, One More Kiss and By The Fireside. Fans of Dorothy Carless will delight at Heart And Soul which also has an excellent piano accompaniment from Billy Mayerl. We hear also Marjorie Stedeford who always sounds great with the piano of Carroll Gibbons, It's An Old Southern Custom does not disappoint. Greta Kellar now has a new fan; she is obviously a favourite of the Past Perfect team who introduced this artiste to me. I have now heard several of her vocal efforts, she is superb. So too are Hildegarde, Adelaide Hall and Elisabeth Welch, and Ginger Rogers sings two songs that we always associate with her film Follow The Fleet.
So how about the fellas? Must start with Hutch, another one that Past Perfect have brought to my attention. He is one reason why the 1930's can be considered THE Age Of Style, in fact he gives us six reasons on this CD set. I particularly like It's D'Lovely, and Don't Blame Me. We also hear Fred Astaire displaying his vocal style, just as good as his dancing style. And there are good examples of Al Bowlly's crooning, his South Of The Border was new to me and he sang it just as I thought he would. If ever a song was written for Al Bowlly this is the one.
Carroll Gibbons is one of my top favourites. I didn't need Past Perfect do introduce him to me, I've listened to Carroll for nearly thirty years, but Past Perfect have delighted me with my first hearings of I've Got You Under My Skin and You Hit The Spot/I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze. Carroll with his Boyfriends epitomise the style that was the 1930's - I don't know how many recordings they made together but I am pleased to say that I make new 'discoveries' almost every week. Carroll's piano style is almost always immediately identifiable and fans will be pleased to know that he can also be heard on this CD supporting Hildegarde, Jessie Matthews and Noel Coward.
There are many other stylish performances on this CD including Django Reinhardt, Benny Carter, Coleman Hawkins, Jack Buchanan, and more. A superb collection that will be played repeatedly, just as well we don't play CD's with steel needles!
The sound quality from Past Perfect never fails. Their prices may be higher that other CD's but with Past Perfect you certainly get what you pay for - supreme quality, superb selection of tracks, excellent liner notes, a perfect package of music!

John Wright

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