78rpm FAQ

Frequently asked questions
from the new collectors

this page first published by John Wright, 13 Feb 1999
last update 15 March 2006vintage@r2ok.co.uk

I have begun to compile my answers and advice on several common topics.

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  1. How do I safely store 78rpm records?
  2. How do I safely clean 78's ?
  3. What's a good way to catalogue a 78 collection?
  4. What is His Master's Voice? What's the history of the Dog and Horn?
  5. Who were Layton and Johnstone and why are their 78rpm
    records so common in Britain in the 21st century?
  6. What are my old 78's worth?
  7. What is a discography?
  8. Who is Brian Rust?
  9. How can I play 78's?
  10. How do I get the sound from 78's on to my PC?

Other websites, listed below, give their expert opinion on important topics much better than I can.

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