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this page first published by John Wright, 2 March 2010
last update 18 May 2013vintage@r2ok.co.uk

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December 2010
Photos of Ray Starita in the 1960s, submitted by David Gingras.

November 2010
Photo of a young Tommy McQuater probably while a member of Ambrose orchestra in the 1930s

November 2010
Photos of The Lyricals (Syd and Harry Roy's band) during tour of Australia in February 1929. Photos kindly supplied by Steve Walker. You can compare these with the photos on the Harold Lyons pages to identify Harry and Syd Roy, Eddie Collis, Harold Lyons, Ernest Broadhurst, Tommy Venn and Beryl Evetts

October 2010
Photo of Bernard Filer, cello, date unknown, submitted by the Filer family. He led the Hurlingham Club Orchestra in 1924.

August 2010
Peter Watts sent me two photos of the Teddy Dobbs band, one from 1929 and the other is likely taken 1934 when the Blue Lagoon opened on Clacton Pier.
The Teddy Dobbs band made a few records in 1932 and the personnel is known, so they may be on one or both the photos,

Teddy Dobbs director/conductor (he was also drummer on the records)
Jack Warne trumpet
Bill Taylor, Jack Raine clarinet/alto sax
Bill Hammond clarinet/tenor sax
Tom Nichol piano/accordion
Les Sourbits guitar/banjo
Bill Cousins string bass

and here is aphoto of Teddy Dobbs, kindly sent to me by John Tucker

August 2010
Pat Norman sent me photos of bands featuring Cecil and Leslie Norman

July 2010
Photo Jack Hylton's Band circa 1923
I think it might be Cecil Norman standing with sax and Leslie Norman sitting (with violin at his feet).

August 2010
Photo of Benny Loban's Band. Alan Dale has written to say the photo is pre-1933; his father Harry Dale played trombone and is standing extreme left of this photo.

June 2010
Photo of Fred Spinelly at the time of his first recording with Edison Bell in 1927, "I'm Coming Virginia".

May 2010
Photo of Peggy Cochrane, date unknown

April 2010
Photo of Harry Leader conducting his band, date unknown

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