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this page first published by John Wright, 31 March 2000
last update 30 Nov 2000vintage@r2ok.co.uk

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November 2000

Bert Hargest
I am always grateful when a little known musician is brought to my attention. Douh Sheehan wrote to say that his wife is the grand-daughter of Bert Hargest, a trumpet player who was a member of Sid Firman's BBC Radio Dance band during the 1920's. We exchanged information and photos and the results can be seen on the Bert Hargest page.

November 2000

Vivien Lambelet

In the discussions about trumpet player Bert Hargest, the name Vivien Lambelet cropped up as she had been featured as vocalist on records by Jack Padbury's Cosmo Six. Vivien seems no great shakes as a singer but when I saw her name on a cigarette card I was intrigued. This is what the reverse of the card says:
Vivien Lambelet's success as an actress, singer and composer is not surprising, she is the daughter of Napoleon Lambelet the well-known Greek composer. She intended to be a pianist but, overworked, in herstudies at Brussels and had to choose another career. She turned to the stage and appeared in Hassan, at His Majesty's and subsequently in The Royal Visitor. Her first broadcast was in 1923 when she sang songs of her own composition in The Children's Hour. In 1924 she understudied Yvonne Printemps in Noel Cowars's Conversation Piece here and in America. Spanish Intermezzo an orchestral work of hers, was included by Sir Dan Godfrey in the forst concert in England of works by women composers.
So, more questions. What else did Vivien Lambelet write, and her famous father?


Dick Ball's family
William Morrison, grandson of Dick Ball, has submitted photos of Dick and his family. Dick Ball was one of the most respected string bass players in dance band and jazz circles in Britain during the 1930's. There are several pages devoted to Dick and his family, start at Dick Ball page

October 2000

Up For The Derby
Ray Pallett has written to say that he has seen the film Up For The Derby. Al Bowlly is seen playing guitar with Lew Stone's Band in a night club scene. He is not heard vocally during the film itself, but is heard singing over the credits a song called I Gotta Horse.

June 2000

Dan Donovan's family
David Burns, the grandson of Henry Hall's singer Dan Donovan, introduced himself to the British Dance Bands Yahoo group. The introductory conversations in the group can be read at David Burns. With much support from David we created the Dan Donovan web page.

March 2000

Meeting Fred Elizalde
A visitor to this website, Alan Brigden, asked me for information on Fred Elizalde. Alan had met Federico Elizalde back in 1973 unaware of his music career in England and the impact it had had on the whole popular music scene of the 1930's. Alan gave me a very touching account of the meeting and I wrote back with a brief summary of Federico Elizalde's career.

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