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Information on recently issued Australian CD's featuring original 78rpm recordings of British jazz/danceband/popular vocals of the 1900-1950 era

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Crystal Stream AudioIan Dodds writes:
"I have been a collector of 78s for 40 years and always hated the way some 'restorers' have made them sound hollow and even tried to make them into 'stereo'. I take pride in the fact that I try simply to make my CDs sound better to modern ears, without destroying the vitality of the original performances. I have done about 40 CDs now and the latest four feature British recordings of (1) Music Hall artists, (2) Donald Peers, (3) Felix Mendelssohn and (4) Sam Browne".
The Sam Browne CD, no. IDCD41, includes recordings with Ambrose, Jack Hylton, Billy Cotton, Syd Lipton and others, from 1929-1948.
Samples of most of the Crystal Stream CDs can be heard at

Crystal Stream Audio

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Alternatively, as these Australian CD's were issued during the last few years, they may be available from some good record shops in Britain. Check with your local shop or the specialised shops listed in my 78rpm shops in UK page


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