The Aims of the Radio 2 Preservation Society

R2OK ! is a listeners' group which has no official connection with the Radio 2 station or the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The Aims of R2OK ! are to celebrate BBC Radio 2, which reached a state of the highest world class excellence in 2005, a level that the R2OK members want to see maintained. We urge the BBC to allow Radio 2 to hold on to it's image of a station offering a wide breadth of music, arts and radio presentation.

R2OK ! has two major aims:

  1. To celebrate and promote BBC Radio 2 (in our view the best radio station in the world) in its coverage of 400 years of popular music and the arts, and in it's presentation of popular daytime talk/music radio shows

  2. To collect the views of R2's regular and supportive listeners on the station's output and to make these known to the Controller.

In particular, at the present time 2008, we are determined to urge BBC Radio 2 to maintain the current schedule music content which presents a mix of programmes of pop music, light classical music, musicals, jazz, blues, bigband/swing, dance bands, brass bands, organ music, folk music and the arts from around the world.

We consider the current breadth of music presentation to match the current demand from 13 million listeners. We recognise that R2 has to evolve and has to show creativity and development in it's schedule but we encourage the station not to sacrifice excessively the airtime of one musical genre in favour for another.

We consider the style of the current programme presenters to have reached an exceedlingly high level of professionalism and we urge R2 not to take serious risks when developing a new show or schedule, avoid unneccesary removal of a very popular presenter against his/her will, and avoid introducing new presenters who may not have the listeners as his/her priority.

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this page first published 20 August 2005
last updated 20 May 2008

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