Popular Music in American Films

Films featuring American Jazz or Dance Bands 1927-1947

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As well as on records, jazz and dance band music was recorded for films during the 78 rpm era. This page continues the list of American films known to feature bands, seen and heard, some not identified. Note: Bands may also appear in films listed in the Entertainers and Popular Song film lists.
If you can add to this list, can fill in any of the gaps or if you know of websites or books dealing with old movies that might have useful information then please e-mail me.

Recent updates to listing:

Updates from 'Black Beauty, White Heat' by Frank Driggs, Harris Lewine (1982)
Updates from 'Jazz In The Movies' by David Meeker (1972)
TV means has been shown on television
V is also available on video

You may find videos of some of the films on the net at, Blackstar or Turner. In the list below those with Order Today! can indeed be ordered via their link. For the other films you can use the search link at the foot of this page.

Films : H-K

Half Marriage1929Gus Arnheim Orch
Hallelujah1929Nina Mae McKinney
Victoria Spivey
Daniel L. Haynes,
Dixie Jubilee Singers

SONGS Swanee Shuffle, Waiting At The End Of The Road, several negro spirituals

Happy Days1930George Olsen Orch,
Whispering Jack Smith,
Janet Gaynor,
Charles Farrell,
Dixie Lee

SONGS Mona, Snake Hips, Crazy Feet, I'm On A Diet Of Love, Minstrel Memories, We'll Build A Little World Of Our Own, A Toast To The Girl I Love, Dream On A Piece Of Wedding Cake, Vic And Eddie

Harlem After Midnight1934Leon Gross Band

SONGS Dinah, Sweet Georgia Brown, I Got Rhythm

Harvest Melody1943Eddie Le Baron Orch

SONGS You Could Have Knocked me Over wth A Feather, Put It In Reverse, Let's Drive Out To A Drive-In, Tenderly

Hat Check Honey1943Freddie Slack Orch,
Harry Owens Orch,
Ted Weems Orch

SONGS Sligtly Sentimental, Nice To Know You, A Dream Ago, Rockin' With You, A Small Batch O'Nod, Loose Wig, Drumola, Rhythm Of The Islands, It Happened In Kahola

The Heat's On1943Xavier Cugat Orch,
Hazel Scott,
Mae West

SONGS Just A Stranger In Town, Hello Mi Amigo, The White Keys And The Black Keys, There Goes That Guitar, Antonio, The Caissons Go Rolling Along, There Goes My Heart, Thinking About The Wabash

Hellzapoppin1941Rex Stewart (tr)
Slim and Slam
Martha Raye

SONGS Watch The Birdie, What Kind Of Love Is This?, You Were There, Heaven For Two, Hellzapoppin, Putting On The Dog, Gongeroo, Conga Beso, Waiting For The Robert E. Lee

Her Majesty Love1931Orchestra ?
Marilyn Miller,
W C Fields

SONGS You're baby-Minded Now, Because Of You, Don't Ever Be Blue, Though You're Not The First Wine

Here Come The Co-Eds1945Phil Spitalny All-Girl Orch,
Abbott And Costello

SONGS I Don't Care If I Never Dream Again, Hooray For Our Side, Jumping On Saturday Night, Someday We Will Remember, Let's Play House

Here Comes Elmer1943Jan Garber Orch,
Nat 'King' Cole Trio

SONGS Straighten Up And Fly Right, Don't Be Afraid To Tell Your Mother, You're So Good To Me, Hitch Old Dobbin To The Shay Again, Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet

Here Comes The Band1935Ted Lewis Orch

SONGS Heading Home, Roll Along Prairie Moon, Tender Is The Night, You're My Thrill, I'm Bound For Heaven, The Army Band

Hi-De-Ho1947Cab Calloway Orch....
Hi Good Lookin'1944Ozzie Nelson Orch,
Jack Teagarden Orch
Harriet Hilliard,
Delta Rhythm Boys

SONGS You're Just The Sweetest Thing, Deacon Jones, Aunt Hagar's Blues, Just A Stowaway On A Ship Of Dreams, A Slight Case Of Love, By Mistake, I Won't Forget The Dawn, Paper Doll

High School Hero1946Freddie Slack Orch,
Jan Savitt Orch

SONGS You're For Me, Come To My Arms, Whitney High, Night Time And You, You're Just What I Crave, Fairview High, Southpaw Serenade

Hit Parade
(GB: I'll Reach For A Star)
1937Duke Ellington Orch,
Eddy Duchin Orch,
Carl Hoff Orch
Frances Langford
Phil Regan

SONGS I've Got To Be A Rug Cutter, Sweet Heartache, Hail Alma Mater, Last Night I Dreamed Of You, You'd Like It, I'll Reach For A Star, The Lady Wants To Dance, Was It Rain?, Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You

Hit Parade 19411941Kenny Baker,
Frances Langford,
Six Hits And A Miss,
Borra Minnevitch Harmonica Rascals

SONGS Who Am I?, Swing Low Sweet Rhythm, In The Cool Of The Evening, Make Yourself At Home, Dinah, Margie, Mary Lou

Hit Parade 19431943Count Basie Orch,
Ray McKinley Orch,
Freddy Martin Orch

SONGS Take A Chance, A Change Of Heart, Who Took Me Home Last Night?, Tam Boom Bah, That's How To Write A Song, Harlem Sandman, Do These Old Eyes Deceive Me?, Yankee Doodle Tank, Nobody's Sweetheart

Hit Parade 19471947Woody Herman Orch

SONGS Couldn't Be More In Love, The Customer Is Always Wrong, I Threw A Kiss To A Star, The Cats Are Going To The Dogs, Is There Anyone Here From Texas?, I Guess I'll Have That Dream Right Now, Chiquita From Santa Anita, Brooklyn Buckarros, Out California Way

Hit The Ice1943Johnny Long Orch,
Ginny Simms,
Abbott And Costello

SONGS I'm Like A Fish Out Of Water, Happiness Bound, I'd Like To Set You To Music, Slap Polka

Hold That Ghost (or Oh Charlie)1941Andrews Sisters,
Ted Lewis,
Abbott and Costello

SONGS Sleepy Serenade, Aurora, When My Baby Smiles At Me, Me And My Shadow

Holiday Inn

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Holiday Inn
Today! (NTSC format)
1942Bing Crosby,
Fred Astaire,
Bob Crosby's Bobcats

SONGS White Christmas, I'll Capture Your Heart Singing, Lazy, You're Easy To Dance With, Happy Holiday, Holiday Inn, Let's Start The New Year Right, Be Careful It's My Heart, I Can't Tell A Lie, Easter Parade, Song Of Freedom, Plenty To Be Thankful For, Let's Say It With FirecrackersTV, V

Hollywood Canteen1944Jimmy Dorsey Orch,
Carmen Cavallaro Orch,
Andrews Sisters
Joe E Brown,
Eddie Cantor,
Sons Of The Pioneers with Bob Nolan

SONGS Don't Fence Me In, You Can Always Tell A Yank<, What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?, We're Having A Baby(My Baby And Me), Sweet Dreams SweetHeart, Hollywood Canteen, I'm Getting Corns For My Country, Once To Every Heart, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, King Porter Stomp, The General Jumped At Dawn, Ballet In Jive, Voodoo Moon

Hollywood Hotel1938Benny Goodman Orch,
Benny Goodman Quartet,
Raymond Paige Orch
Dick Powell
Rosemary Lane

SONGS Hooray For Hollywood, I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas, Blue Moon, Sing Sing Sing, Dark Eyes, Sing You Son Of A Gun, I'm Like A Fish Out Of Water, I've Got A Heartful Of Music, I've Hitched My Wagon To A Star, California Here I Come, Silouetted In The Moonlight, Let That Be A Lesson To You, Can't Teach My My Old Heart New Tricks

Hollywood Party1934Ted Healy Orch
Laurel And Hardy,
Jimmy Durante

SONGS I've Had My Moments, Feelin' High, Hollywood Party, Hello, Reincarnation, Hot Chocolate Soldiers

Honeymoon Lodge1943Ozzie Nelson Orch
Harriet Hilliard,
Ray Eberle,
Bobby Brooke


Hooray For Love1935Fats Waller
Bill Robinson,
Ann Sothern,
Jeni LeGon

SONGS Hooray For Love, I'm In Love All Over Again, I'm Living In A Great Big Way(FW,BR,JLG), You're An Angel, Got A Snap In My Fingers, Palsie Walsie

Howdy Broadway..

Songs ?
I Ain't Gonna Open That Door1947Earl Bostic's Band

SONGS ..........

Iceland1942Sammy Kaye Orch
Sonja Henie,
Jack Oakie,
John Payne

SONGS There Will Never Be Another You, It's A Lovers' Knot, Let's Bring New Glory To Old Glory, I Like A Military Tune

Idea Girl1946Charlie Barnet Orch
Julie Bishop

SONGS I Don't Care If I Never Dream Again, I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind

I Dood It(GB: By Hook Or By Crook)1943Jimmy Dorsey Orch,
Helen O'Connell,
Bob Eberly,
Lena Horne,
Hazel Scott,
Red Skelton,
Eleanor Powell

SONGS Star Eyes, One O'Clock Jump, Taking A Chance On Love, Jericho, Hola E Pae, So Long Sarah Jane, Swinging The Jinx AwayTV

If I'm Lucky1946Harry James and His Music Makers
Perry Como;
Vivian Blaine,
Carmen Miranda

SONGS If I'm Lucky, One More Kiss, Publicity, Bet Your Bottom Dollar, Follow The Band, That American Look

I Love A Bandleader
Memory For Two)
1945Phil Harris Orch
Leslie Brooks

SONGS Good, Good, Good

International House

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International House
Today! (NTSC format)
1933Cab Calloway Orch,
Rudy Vallee
Baby Rose Marie,
W C Fields

SONGS Reefer Man, Thank Heaven For You, My Bluebird's Singing The Blues, She was A China Tea Cup and He was Just A Mug V

Is Everybody Happy?1929
Ted Lewis Orch
Alice Day
Ann Pennington

SONGS I'm The Medicine Man For The Blues, Wouldn't It Be Wonderful, Samoa, New Orleans, Is Everybody Happy Now?, In The Land Of Jazz, Start Up The Band, St Louis Blues, Tiger Rag

Is Everybody Happy?1943Ted Lewis Orch
Larry Parks
Michael Duanne

SONGS It Had To Be You, More Than Anyone Else In The World, This Old High Hat Of Mine, Cuddle Up A Little Closer, I'm Just Wild About Harry, Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, On The Sunny Side Of The Street, St Louis Blues, Pretty Baby, Am I Blue?

Jammin' The Blues1944Lester Young, Harry Edison
Illinois Jacquet, Barney Kessel,
Red Callender, Sidney Catlett
Marie Bryant

SONGS On The Sunny Side Of The Street

Jam Session1944Charlie Barnet Orch,
(real band does not appear)
Louis Armstrong,
Teddy Powell Orch,
Glen Gray Orch,
Jan Garber Orch,
The Pied Pipers,
Nan Wynn,
Ann Miller

SONGS Cherokee, I Can't Give You Anything But Love, St Louis Blues, Murder He Says, Teddy Bear Boogie, Jive Bomber, C-Jam Blues, No Name Jive, I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City, It Started All Over Again, Brazil, Victory Polka>

Jivin' In Be Bop1947Dizzy Gillespie
Helen Humes

SONGS Salt Peanuts. Shaw 'Nuff, Oop Bop Sh'Bam, Dizzy Atmosphere, One Bass Hit, Things To Come

Juke Box Jenny1942Charlie Barnet Orch,
Wingy Manone Orch,
Milt Herth Trio
King's Men,
Harriet Hilliard

SONGS Swing It Mother Goose, Give Out, Macumba, Fifty Million Nickels, Sweet Genevieve, Then You'll Remember Me

Junction 881947Noble Sissle Orch....
Junior Prom1946Abe Lyman Orch,
Eddie Heywood Orch

SONGS Keep The Beat, Ten Canteen, (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings, Trimball For President, Loch Lomond, It's Me Oh Lawd

Kansas City Kitty1944Bob Crosby
Jane Frazee,
Williams Brothers

SONGS Kansas City Kitty, Nothing Boogie from Nowhere, Pretty Kitty Blue Eyes, Tico Tico

King Of Burlesque1936Fats Waller
Alice Faye,
Jack Oakie

SONGS I'm Shooting High, Too Good To Be True, Whose Big Baby Are You?, I've Got My Fingers Crossed, Spreading Rhythm Around, Lovely Lady, I Love To Ride The Horses

King Of Jazz

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The King of Jazz
Today! (NTSC format)
1930Paul Whiteman,
Bing Crosby (Rhythm Boys),
John Boles,
Joe Venuti,
Eddie Lang,
Jeannie Lang,
Brox Sisters

SONGS A Bench In The Park, Happy Feet, Rhapsody in Blue, So The Bluebirds And Blackbirds Got Together, It Happened In Monterey, Song Of The Dawn, Mississippi Mud, Music Hath Charms, When Day Is Done, Nola, Linger Awhile, Ragamuffin Romeo, The Melting Pot Of Jazz, Bridal VeilTV, V

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