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the Ross/Brand Phone Prank

How the affair unfolded, public and press reaction, BBC response

Here is a Youtube extract of the broadcast that was pre-recorded 15 October and then broadcast 18 October: (you may have to click Allow Script on your Explorer toolbox)


DAILY MAIL reports:

The Daily Mail article that caught the public's attention
BBC suspends Ross and Brand
Russell Brand resignation
Georgina Baillie response

Brand and Ross

the Telepgraph's first report
Telegraph publishes transcript of the prank calls
Prime Minister says 'unacceptable'
Apologies from Ross and Brand
BBC apologises twice on air, 8 November

Mark Thompson
the GUARDIAN reports:

BBC apologises to Andrew Sachs
BBC acknowledges today broadcast was "unacceptable and offensive"
Radio 2 Controller, Lesley Douglas, resigns
Ross suspended for 12 weeks
Mark Thompson defends 'creativity
Terry Wogan comments

Lesley Douglas

Terry Wogan


BBC reviewing standards


BBC crisis talks
David Camerson comments

Georgina Baillie

Director General Mark Thompson's initial statement
Brand quits and 'apologises'
Georgina Baillie's first reaction
Brand/Ross apologies in full
Brand's friends support
Ross suspended for 3 months
Lesley Douglas'career
Sir Michael Lyons (BBC Trust) comments
Mark Thompson on salaries
Georgina Baillie, 'row out of proportion'
Dave Barber resigns
BBC airs apologies to Sachs family

A BBC spokesman said: "Mr Sachs asked us to specifically include mention of his wife and family in the second broadcast apology..."

Listen to the second BBC Apology

Dave Barber

Manchester Evening News reports Paul Gambaccini's comments on BBC 5Live:

Paul Gambaccini interviewed on BBC 5Live, a frank revelation of Lesley Douglas' Radio 2

Mark Easton
Rod McKenzie

Paul Gambaccini

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