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R2OK ! - the website of the Radio 2 Preservation Societyfounded August 2005

What is R2OK ?

This group was borne out of the membership of BBC Radio 2 Messageboards, and in particular the forum that used to discuss Shows and Music. R2OK ! was created because there was a need for harmony amongst the supporters of Radio 2's schedule policy and now with recent changes to the Radio 2 schedule members in the main now share common grievances about the actions of Radio 2's controller and executive producers. In particular there is concern that the Radio 2 management are ignoring their remit which requires:

- "Its music output should include musical genres that do not normally receive wide exposure."

- it should "broadcast a broader range of music than any other major UK radio station."

Although individual members of R2OK ! and its Internet Forum may or may not be supportive of the current list of Radio 2 presenters and their executive producers, they are all broadcasting professionals and are given our utmost regard and will always receive our respect in discussions.

We at R2OK ! recognised in 2005 that Radio 2 had reached a peak in popularity, but in this new century we also recognised that there are temptations within the management of Radio 2 to change the focus of the station away from a broad spectrum, to align with younger listeners and sway TOTALLY toward the mainstream pop music, which has happened with the daytime schedule. R2OK ! urge Radio 2 to improve the current schedule by broadening the music content to ensure they offer music to every UK listener.

It's now 2009, and although there have been some changes to 'specialist shows', and at least two shows axed, we are grateful that Radio 2 still maintain a broad repertoire of music shows, but the R2OK! campaign now aims to make more direct approaches to the Radio 2 Controller to try an influence decisions which up till now have involved no consultation with listeners.

You are welcome to discuss Radio 2 and its programmes at

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Billie Holiday

What IS Radio 2?

BBC Radio 2 is the most listened to station in the UK. It combines popular music and culture with a wide range of specialist music, light entertainment, documentaries, talk shows, features and readings. With a repertoire covering more than100 years, Radio 2 plays the widest selection of music on the radio - from classic and mainstream pop to a specialist portfolio including classical, country, folk, jazz, dance bands, big bands, swing, soul, rock 'n' roll, gospel, blues, organ music and brass band.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Radio 2 is also committed to live music, covering many major events in the musical calendar. With music truly at its heart and with some of the most popular and respected talent in broadcasting, BBC Radio 2 provides a unique blend of programming which entertains and informs over 13 million listeners.

BBC Concert Orchestra

Pet Shop Boys

Al Bowlly

Radio 2 prides itself in the quality of its presenters who come from very different places and represent many forms of entertainment, but together on Radio 2 their different personalities come together to provide a rich and distinctive mix of programmes.

Rufus Wainwright

And there's more - at Radio 2 you'll also find programmes on current affairs, social issues, documentaries, comedy, readings and religious output.

Cecilia Bartoli


Human League

NOTE: extracts from BBC policy contained on this website have been edited in line with the requirements of BBC Terms and Policy, and are published here for personal use of R2OK members and for non-commercial use.


this page first published 20 August 2005
last updated 30 December 2008

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